I want kale dammit! And swiss chard! And collard greens. (Okay, my lizards want those). And radishes. But no broccoli. Most importantly I want cool season crops and here in the Ozarks you get a slim chance to grow them. Start them too early and a late frost zaps them. Too late and it gets too hot for them to thrive, which is what happened last year.

I have dinosaur kale and that sounds exciting! DINO! KALE! RAWR! Okay, maybe I’m getting a bit too excited about this, but the truth is, we need to add more vegetables to our diet and gardening is the way to do it. Starting early? A bonus!

My husband keeps talking about building a tank of a greenhouse… someday. Yeah yeah, I know. And that takes money and energy and things we don’t have right now. What we do have are 12′ long PVC pipes (1/2″) and I have ingenuity. So my goal is to bend those pipes in half, much as we did when we used them to support chicken wire for the garden, use landscape fabric staples to hold them down and throw some plastic sheeting over the top.

Viola! A half-assed, makeshift greenhouse! It should be sufficient, barring a crazy late season ice storm and they’re predicting a warmer and wetter March for us. Most importantly the first day for planting chard and kale is March 10. Guess what? I’ll be out there on the 7th or the 8th (next weekend) and make sure it’s done!

Crossing my fingers…..

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