Turns out my sign came just in time. With some extra holiday money, I treated myself to the “Beware of Velociraptor” sign for the goose pen. We’ve been calling my Roman Tufted Geese “asshole dinosaurs” for a while now, and they get a bit agressive when I go in there to feed them. However, they’d been good and I guess I dropped my guard a bit today.

No, I won’t share pictures of the bite, but suffice to say, it is a chomp on the front of my shin, with an upper and a lower beak mark (both bled), and a nice big bruise where she clamped on and started to attack me. Pardon me for trying to fill your feed bucket, little asshole dinosaur.

Of course, once the goose realized what I was doing and that it had food, it eagerly dug in and released my leg. But I got to admit, this is one of the worse goose bites I’ve gotten, and I guess I got my sign put up just in time.

I love my little asshole dinosaurs. Now I just need to order my “___ Days Since A Velociraptor Attack” sign.

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