I knew it was going to happen soon. I’d been hearing “egg song” coming from the mini chickens in the front bedroom and they were getting old enough. Well, doing my chores this morning making sure they had food and water, sure enough, I found two tiny eggs in their pen. Since I only have one hen, and one egg was still warm, it was true. My itty bitty chickens are laying.

different sized eggs on a towel
Two Serama eggs with a blue bantam easter egger egg and two brown/olive green “normal” sized chicken eggs.

I’d been rather happy a week or so ago when I started getting those nice, dark olive green eggs. I knew they’d come from one of the chickens I’d hatched last summer. I’d ended up with two easter eggers (solid black, beautiful chickens) and one mixed breed chicken. I’m not sure who is laying these, but they’re gorgeous.

different color and sizes of eggs on a towel
One blue (top), one brown (right), and one olive green (top left) “normal” sized egg with the two serama eggs.

It’s clear to see the size difference. Of the blue bantam eggs above, roughly two of them make up one large chicken egg. For the Serama eggs, it’s probably closer to three. However, the small eggs look just like the normal ones inside and taste just the same. They look adorable on a slice of toast. I’m planning on having these two probably tomorrow morning for breakfast.

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