I’ve tried to keep a blogging schedule, and I’ve got a handy spreadsheet. However, you may have noticed that my blogging has slowed down in recent months. Between work changes, which have negatively affected my health and some additional health challenges, this has no only changed how much energy I have, but also the things I want to bring to you.

I’ve always been a sharp advocate for chronic illness and especially chronic pain and mental health. Recently, I’ve discovered that many of the challenges I’ve been facing are all tied back to my fibromyalgia and it’s getting worse. Therefore, while I’ve been blogging about this on my Patreon (which I encourage you to support!), I’m going to devote a day to talking about it here under the title Fibromyalgia Gone Wild.

My writing has always had a couple of main foci.

  1. My equestrian women’s fiction, which encompasses my relationship with horses and life-long passion for them.
  2. My fantasy, which does the same for my music, and all the animals who share my life here on the homestead including some fantastical ones. (No unicorns or pegasus on the homestead…yet. LOL!)
  3. My nonfiction work. Which in the past has focused on animal care, spiritual topics, and health/my advocacy work.

To that end…. here’s my hopeful updated schedule for the blog.

SUNDAY: Sunday Horses. Today it’s this blog about the schedule, but I still want to share my equine therapists and my love for horses with you each Sunday.
MONDAY: Writing Advice. While this has recently happened at my Patreon as I work on my series for taking books wide, when I go back to one-off topics, I’ll once again post them here two weeks later. Until then, support my Patreon to get these blogs as I write them, as well as patreon-only topics. (Why am I linking to my Patreon so much? Because this is my medication/supplement money for myself and my husband. With my health changes, my prescription costs have gone up and our Patreon doesn’t support this currently. I’m considering tapering off my meds, so really need help here.)
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Fibromyalgia Gone Wild
Thursday: Cat/Bunny Stories
Friday: Lizard/Bird/Poultry Stories
Saturday: Continuing talk of Recipes, the Homestead, or a rest

Of course, as I have today, I reserve the right to blog about other topics, new releases, etc. as I do. And I also hope to return to blogging at My Author Home and Author Patron, as well as my Medium column about horses.


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