Back when I used to sell b.dubia roaches at reptile shows in the Des Moines area, along with my super awesome cricket chow which would keep feeder insects alive for a lot longer, I used the “roach coach” to transport my cups of insects to and from shows. This roach coach was the same as what my colony lived in, and now, it’s home to my Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

The “Roach Coach” as you see here is a plastic tub that I purchased from a big box store. I cut a hole in the lid (in the shape of a heart since this was more of a travel-time container) and then covered it with small mesh screen. I recently “renovated” my bug totes by putting fresh screen over the top (something a bit more sturdy) and then used the sazzy teal duct tape to hold it in place.

Inside, I use egg cartons and paper towel tubes to provide lots of crawling space for the roaches. And they eat greens, a bit of fruit and vegetable, some premixed roach food I purchased, and water crystals for hydration.

I have these totes set on a small end table over a heat vent in my living room, next to my lizards, and I’ve covered them with blankets since I keep my house pretty cool this time of year. The cats love laying on the totes and the blankets, providing extra warmth and insulation for the buggies.

When I need to feed my insects or do any maintenance on the colony, I just take the lid off. I can dump some of the bugs from their hiding places in the paper towel tubes into the can that I then dump into my bearded dragon’s cage. And the dragons do the rest.

I hope this helps inspire you to keep your own feeder insects for your reptiles.

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