I’ve been working on a story where the main character has a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for a familiar. A socius, as they’re called in my Musimagium world. I’m really not squicked out by bugs, probably because I’ve had Kimba, my bearded dragon for about ten years now (maybe longer) and by this time I can reach my hand into the superworm bin, scoop up a wriggling handful and drop them into his cage. Bugs? No problem! (Scorpions and tarantulas, EEK!)

I won’t lie. I’ve been eyeing Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for a LONG time. I just think they’re so cool! But the money wasn’t right or the timing wasn’t right. Well, I uncovered my original “roach coach” (or tote where I raise roaches) while cleaning out the original “closet o’ doom” and that meant I didn’t have to create a new habitat for them.

I saw an auction on ebay where the person was downsizing his colony and providing a mixed group of 20, including adults. The price? Perfect. So I ordered them.

Full size, the adults are too big to feed to my bearded dragons. Oh, I have no doubt they’d try to eat them. Bodies squishing, arms and legs and antennae going every which way. They’d do it, but honestly, it’s the younger nymphs (above picture) that are more beardie sized. The big ones though? Make awesome pets.

I plan on blogging about my setup in the coming weeks, but mostly, just wanted to share the “awesome” factor with you. Isn’t this one a beauty?

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