I’ve talked a lot about making sure that my horses have enough hay for winter, and considering that many of us in the equine world call them “hay burners”, well that makes sense. But did you know rabbits also need a lot of grass and vegetation each day and hay is an excellent way to do that. I’m frugal enough that the small bags of hay that they sell in the pet stores (or even big boxes like Small Pet Select or Rabbit Hole Hay), while nice for treats, is a bit pricy long term. And, since I know I can get an entire 50-70 lb bale of hay locally for under $10, well, I’d much rather stock up in the hay shalter with two or three bales of hay to last Mr. Oops through the winter. As long as it’s kept dry, the hay stays fresh and chewable.

I’m fortunate in that I have coupons from a hay company for their products. I’d gotten them earlier this year for some writing I’d done and at that time my senior mare had soaked hay pellets in her ration. I’ve changed her to the feed that our local MFA uses, which has pellets and soaks up nicely, so I’ve used 2 of the coupons for compressed bales of hay. These are big bales, smooshed together and wrapped in plastic to make them easier to store and carry. For Mr. Oops, it also provides A LOT of hay, because half a compressed flake usually lasts him all week.

That means that with the 2/3 of the bale I have left, plus the hay bale I picked up last week and my last coupon that I’ll use next month, I should be pretty well set for Mr. Oops the Bunny.

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