My little itty bitty chickens are getting feathered out and to the stage where I can see what I have. The genetics of these chickens were serama (tiny), naked neck, and some frizzle. A frizzle chicken looks as if it has a bad case of bed head, except all over its feathers. They’re very adorable.

The smallest chicken appears to be a frizzle, and I’d called it Frodo for most of last week. Until, I was cleaning their brooder this weekend and realized that I have two definite roosters and Frodo wasn’t one of them. I’m pretty sure he is a she. Well that changed my plans for a frizzle house chicken, because I need as many hens as possible for my breeding project. So I have decided to cuddle one of the known roosters, because I only need one, and he will most likely become my house chicken. I’m hoping to post some pictures this weekend.

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