There’s a ham radio meeting tonight, which means I’ve got roughly an hour and a half between the end of work and when the meeting starts. And, the meeting venus is about halfway to the nearest TSC. I’ve got a coupon I need to use, and I could use some chicken feed, so why not? Plus, those dreaded words are going about the chicken boards on Facebook again: 25 cent chicks.

You see, the fall is the perfect time to start chickens because by the time they’re old enough to lay winter is over and they’ll be one of your first layers in the spring. I don’t necessarily need more chickens, but with my flock getting up in age (about 4 years old now) they’re not laying as much as they used to. Plus, I’m hoping to use chickens instead of guineas for tick control next spring. It’s cheaper in case the raccoons get them.

Since I’ll be going to Tractor Supply, I will be both hoping and dreading that they have chicks and that they will be on sale. I’ll keep you posted.

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