I work across the parking lot from a pet store, so obtaining superworms for my two bearded dragons isn’t a big deal. It’s $4.50 for 50 of them, and with greens and supplementing with my dubia colony (that I totally need to get back to caring for), I can make that last a week. However, it also gets really expensive. So I took the splurge and bought 1000 superworms from one of my favorite vendors, Rainbow Mealworms. They’ll be here tomorrow, I hope.

It may seem odd to ship living things like bugs, or baby chickens, or even hatching eggs through the mail, and yet it’s done all the time. I’ve asked that they be held at the post office, which I only work a couple of blocks away from, so I can run up and get them as soon as they arrive. Then, I’ll keep them at my desk at work until I take them home and put them in their container.

It is much more cost effective to have the bugs shipped and then I don’t have to worry about running out. I’ll keep you posted.

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