Every morning I take SuperDuck out to his daytime pen. Then, because there isn’t any shelter in it, I bring him in at night. (There’s a tree for shade and a tarp in case it starts to rain, but he’s a duck.) Most of the time he’s good with this; but being a duck (and a male, I suspect), he likes to “test” things with his beak. He bits “mama duck”. That’s me.

Ducks don’t have teeth, but they do pinch and I often have one or two bruises on my hands or arms from him. Other than being painful, it doesn’t really bother me, but I’d like to not have it happen. I found his harness that I’d purchased for him when he was a duckling and let it out as far as it could go. Then, last weekend, I tried it on him. It fits!

He doesn’t quite understand walking on a leash yet, so there aren’t any pictures. We haven’t gone outside with it. That’s the next goal. I did purchase a bigger harness for him, with the hopes of being able to take him out and about with me in the yard. I think he’d enjoy getting out and he sticks pretty close to “mama duck” even when I let him out in the house. Oh, and he likes to nibble on toes.

I hope to have some pictures to share with you soon.

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