It’s been a bit since I talked about Braynon, my pionus parrot, in the wake of Buddy’s passing. Braynon is doing well, as talkative and as feisty as ever. With the garden producing enough for the people of the household, as well as some of the animals, it’s also been a boon for him.

Parrots thrive on a varied diet of fresh and pre-packaged foods. While a seed only diet isn’t good for them, neither is a pelleted/processed diet without other fresh foods. I’ve made a mix of rice and lentils or beans with chopped vegetables like broccoli or peppers in it for them, and they also get fresh foods. Since we’re getting a lot of green beans, zucchini, and squash, he receives a couple of fresh green beans when I cook them for us, or a slice or three of zucchini or squash.

When I feed my bearded dragons collard or turnip greens, the thick stem either goes to the rabbit or to the parrot, and Braynon enjoys holding it in one foot, chewing on it with the other.

The garden helps me provide him with fresh vegetables, and it’s also very rewarding to offer him food that I grew myself.


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