You may have heard me mention that I was getting itty bitty chicken eggs to hatch.If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, then you hopefully have read God Plucked, the free story I’m writing for my subscribers. Major, the Socius mentioned in the story, is a special breed of chicken. Part Serama (hence the itty bitty), but with a naked neck (Turkens, or naked necks, are available in both large fowl (i.e. regular sized chickens) and batam (itty bitty) varieties. I’d discovered them looking for hatching eggs on eBay and by luck I found the seller again. By even more luck she was going to be holding back on offering eggs, but she agreed to list a dozen for me. They arrived yesterday.

And they are itty bitty! (points to post image). They’re in a normal 18-count egg carton for reference.

I’m putting them in the incubator this afternoon. We’ll be able to check fertility in a week and in 21 days, we hopefully will have itty bitty chicks. I’ll keep you posted.

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