I thought I’d give an update on the garden today. With the heat breaking over the weekend yesterday was my first chance in two weeks to get into the garden. Plus, to be honest, I saw a copperhead in the front yard about two weeks ago and he scurried into a hole before I could send him to snakey heaven. (Hey, I have a live and let live policy but having been bit once, venomous snakes near the house go bye-bye. They have plenty of woods and open fields with lots of small critters to hunt.)

I am thrilled with how the garden is doing. I got about a dozen “cool”apenos and one small summer squash. Both of those went in the omelets last night and I’ll put a few of the “cool”apenos and the rest of the squash in our tacos tonight. Also went through three rows of green beans and got a full ice cream bucket. I still have two more rows to pick.

And most exciting? I have two watermelons forming. They’re about the size of softballs right now.

The pole beans are growing up the chicken run and have lots of blossoms. The other green beans are growing. The zucchini and summer squash plants have tons of blossoms as do the watermelon plants. I think our hot, humid, a bit of rain weather has done good things. Here’s hoping they continue!

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