I spent far more time than I’d wanted not playing. Not that I meant to. I love to play, even if it’s just working up and down the scales in my book to get back into the habit of regular practice, knowing notes, and getting the brain and the fingers to work well together again. There’s also the matter of building up stamina. Right now I practice for 15 minutes. Obviously if I were to do any serious playing, I’d need to get that number up by several fold.

Well over the fourth of July long weekend (though I worked Friday), I’d hoped to have more time to play. Unfortunately the to do list kept growing, and I wasn’t feeling well so was struggling with things like getting out of bed early or even having the energy. My allergies have not let up since spring sprung, and it’s hard to play a musical instrument when your head is pounding.

I know. Excuses. Excuses.

However, I did play on one day, both clarinet and saxophone, and I’m glad. Now, to make that practice consistent again. Then I’ll feel as if I’m moving forward.

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