Yesterday I helped support our local ham radio club’s booth at the Old Time Music festival. I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten on the airwaves yet in spite of having my Technician’s license for nearly a year. My little handheld radio doesn’t hit any repeaters where I’m at (our local one is in need of repair), and I live far enough out that it’s pretty remote. And, although I’ve downloaded Echolink for my phone, I simply haven’t made the time to get on it. Obviously, I need to do that.

So yesterday they were eager to get me “on the air”. Alas, where we were we could only hear and not talk. Still, it was pretty exciting to be sitting in the middle of the country and listening to people on the east coast.

If you’ve read my Radio Arcanum books, the Radio Arcanum network operates as kind of a hybrid internet/amateur radio network, much like Echolink.

If you’d like to see a few pictures I took, check out the write up on our club’s website here.

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