With the sad demise of Frankie the middle pen between the guineas and the regular chicken coop is open once more. SuperDuck goes outside during the day and then comes in at night because he doesn’t understand that he’s a duck, and thus a juicy yummy treat for any raccoons. I put him in the middle pen and we added a pool. He’s a duck after all.

He does not realize this. This is his “mom, why did you put me in the water?” face. Once he realized he was in water he did start to splash around and I hope this means that he understands that he has a big pool all to himself. I hope.

I did see him sitting by the divider fence doing his soft quacks at the crested lady ducks (his aunt, mom, and father were sold to cut down on livestock) who were supposed to be his harem. Still, being in there with the chickens, he just doesn’t understand it. Perhaps he can baby sit the chicks when they get old enough to go outside.

I suspect that SuperDuck will always be a house duck. He seems to have imprinted on me and doesn’t quite get the whole poultry social interaction. I may look at moving his night crate, he’s big and he startles my pionus parrot Buddy since they’re right next to each other. And who knows, maybe Oops the bunny and SuperDuck the Duck can learn how to play together.

Oh, mom, he says, aren’t I sad? I’m a little itty bitty duck in this huge big pool. I just don’t know how to duck…. I’m hoping he figures it out soon. 🙂

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