A couple of months ago my bearded dragon’s basking bulb blew out. You can substitute other light bulbs, so I used one of those that I had on hand, thinking I’d get a replacement bulb “the next time I’m in town”. Fast forward to one morning when my other bearded dragon’s basking bulb died. Whoops. Whelp, I guess the universe was giving me a message. Luckily I work a block at most from our local pet store that sells bulbs (about the same as I’d get them online). I picked them up.

And everyone had the correct bulbs and was much happier, so it all worked out in the end. But it’s a good reminder that our pets can’t talk to us. They can’t tell us what they need. So it’s up to us to remember to take care of their needs. They’ll be happier for it.

Oh and a pro tip? Always keep spare bulbs on hand.

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