These are the four notes that I know how to play on the saxophone. I’m thankful that the names of the notes on the staff are the same as for the clarinet, so I don’t have to relearn that part. The fingering is of course, way different, and I’m not quite sure I have the C correct. It does, however, sound about a step higher than the B, so I’m guessing so. I haven’t been brave enough yet to get my tuner out to see if I’m sharp or flat. I’m guessing pretty frickin’ flat. LOL! (And look, I’m in luck. The batteries are dead, so I’ll have to find new ones first. Woohoo!)

My plan had been to do a short video for you, but Mother Nature had different plans (I like to film outside). So we’ll get those batteries replaced, make sure my tuning is up to snuff, then we’ll try again.

Until then, I made notes! Something that could even be called rudimentary music! With minimal honks and squeaks! So I’m celebrating.

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