My husband I were talking about our wedding anniversary, which comes up next month, and he said he wasn’t sure what to get me. I smiled and indicated that I was looking at some death head roaches on ebay to start a colony to give some variety to my bearded dragons. Besides, they have skulls on the backs of their heads, so they’re like goth roaches. *grins* His response? That sounds interesting, and when I sent him the pictures, he thought they were cool too.

I’m also looking at Orange Head roaches, since like my Dubia colony they don’t fly or climb. We’ll see. I’m sure my lizards don’t care about the variety. They just want lots of fat bugs to eat.

It may seem odd to be looking at different species of bugs. Most people try to avoid them. However, when I describe my feeder roaches as the “good” kind people kind of warm up to them. (They can’t live very long in your house if you’re north of Florida due to humidity levels.) I’ll let you know what I end up getting. Maybe both? *grins* Though my goal would be to raise enough so I can start selling them.

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