I walked into the feed store yesterday to cure the “emergency” of our being down to the bottom of the barrel (literally) for horse feed. And I heard the sweet sweet sound of spring. Peep. Peep. Peep. Baby chicks waiting to grow up and produce eggs. I’ve been wanting baby chicks for a while. Except we’re being overrun with eggs since my customers dried up (coworkers not eating as many eggs and a glut of people selling eggs locally). Which means I really don’t want any more chickens. In fact, I’ll be putting a few laying hens up for sale probably this weekend.

And yet, the cute little peep peep peep lures me in. And what better thing to do with my extra eggs than to hatch them! To sell the babies, of course. Like I said, we’re good on chickens. Though I have to admit, if the feed store has the Polish chicks in (with floofy heads) there will be baby chicks in my house. After all, it’s the sound of spring…

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