Since my saxophone practice has been non existant, I thought I’d talk a little bit about my homestead and my gardening dreams. My homestead inspires not just my equestrian literature (I love being able to see my horses from the house after so many years of boarding my mare.), but also the magic and settings of my “urban” fantasy. (I consider what I write more rural fantasy or even magic realism, but “urban fantasy” is the better known term.)

We’re in that time of year when winter seems to linger and spring is trying to arrive. My narcissus (wild daffodils) are up and some even have yellow buds on them. My white daffodils are up around the hickory tree. And I see my star lillies peeking through the grass around my cedar stump I’m still trying to turn into a spirit tree.

Thanks to my husband, our paper feed sacks from the endless hauling of horse and chicken feed are on the garden for weed control and as soon as it dries out a bit, I’ll be adding the horses’ contribution to the top of the garden. And I long to plant.

My basil variety pack came, and I have Siberian and Lizard Kale to plant, as well as rainbow chard. Greens are wonderful put into scrambled eggs or the “egg muffins” I take to work. I have turnip tops to plant for the lizards, along with collard greens, and my purple green beans and radishes, and can you tell I love to garden?

Yet, our nights are still dipping below freezing so I think I’m going to have to wait for a bit. I’ll probably try the Siberian Kale as well as the collard greens outside maybe after this weekend’s heavy rain. I’ll be planting two kitty litter buckets (awesome free plants) one of collard greens and one of a mix of butter lettuce and arugula here in the bay window in the front bedroom to try and get some stuff going for household use. And I’ve already priced a bunch of 6″ pots to maybe start my zillion varieties of basil.

Want to know what I bought?

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