I didn’t get much practicing done this week, but I did indulge in some (okay quite a bit) of retail therapy in buying cheap reeds from China. I can also hear those of you who are experienced in playing groan. I mean, they can’t be any good can they? Well, who knows? And at the price of like $3 for 10, it was cheap enough to check. (I also got a video camera, so there’s a good chance you’ll see some in action.)

I purchased a couple of different kinds and I’ll let you know how they go. Alas, they were either tendered to ship about 2 weeks ago or the most up to date tracking says one package was sent to destination country 10 days ago. I’m not good about waiting, but this is kind of killing me.

I’ll let you know once they arrive. And until then, I’ll keep breaking in the reeds I talked about a couple of weeks ago and see what we have there. I already have some thoughts about play and tone.


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