In Tonic Chords, Tory finds herself learning the saxophone and teaching her friend Alamar how to play again. I think I need to look into the magical and musical lore of the world I’ve created and make sure that it’s written that those with Musamagium ability also learn how to play new instruments quicker than the average person.

Of course it’d been MONTHS since I’d watched the YouTube videos, and due to our satellite internet, I really couldn’t go back and rewatch them, so my practice this past week was mostly could I consistently put the saxophone mouthpiece in my mouth and produce a tone that doesn’t sound like someone is doing a colon exam on a goose while simultaneously squeezing it. I’d say I hit about a 50/50 chance there.

Let’s just say it caused a lot of laughter. And, I was thankful that I was alone in the house when I practiced. We’ll keep going. Maybe next week we won’t sound quite so much like drunk geese.

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