Happy New Year from everyone here on Muse Mountain. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday I had a funny experience at the grocery store. My first stop is always the produce section to get collard greens for my bearded dragons. (Alas, I haven’t set up my indoor growing stuff yet. Can we just say the past few months have kicked my fanny and leave it at that?) Well, they had a ton of turnip greens, but no collard greens.

Oh yeah, I realized. It’s new year’s and that means that people will be eating collard greens for luck. Now I’m planning hoppin’ john later today (and some marinated chicken breasts, probably playing with my garlic siracha sauce), but people do eat collard greens for good luck.

Well, my bearded dragons will have to make due with turnip greens, alas. They like those too, and I also have turnip green seeds (including seeds that are for just the tops), so we’re not too far afield here. However, it made me smile and think I ought to find a few collard green recipes for the people to eat, too.

Note: I’ll be alternating Lizard Tuesdays with Bird Talk Tuesdays this year. Hey, ancestrally they’re both related, and I wanted to add a day a week where I talk about my cats.

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