This past weekend was finally the point where the fingers and the brain started working together and I realized progress. I’m still working on Pares Scales, and the first exercise at that. However, I found my rhythm, even without the metronome that I misplaced, and made it completely through the first exercise at a pretty decent pace. I even hit the high C!

The key to finding progress is consistency. Sure, I’ll be honest. I only practiced two out of the five days I was home this past weekend, and I pushed “clarinet practice” off the to do list more often than I wanted to. (I was in the writing mode, working on another Radio Arcanum novella that featured unicorns. UNICORNS!) And yet, by making a plan to practice and practicing, I am seeing progress.

My goal? Keep at it. Continue to practice. Move onto the next exercise and the next, noticing my embrochure is getting better each time. I also found an embrochure building book and will be working through it as well. I’ll share that information with you, and I hope to be bringing you videos in the new year. Stay tuned!

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