Black Soldier Fly Larvae gross me out. Superworms. I’m cool. Blaptica Dubia (roaches), totally cool with them. Hissing Cockroaches. No problem. But BSFL? Ewww… But they’re also super nutritious for our reptile friends, and I like to offer my bearded dragons variety.

Enter Repashy’s Grub Burger. Starting with a base of black soldier fly larvae and adding in other nutritious insects, their Grub Pie, which is a powder you mix with gel, will create a nutritious treat. My guys just love it. (I also use the Veggie Burger to help offer even more variety.)

My bearded dragons also get their greens and live bugs. But I use Repashy foods for convenience and to add variety. Just thought I’d mention that on today’s lizard Tuesday blog.

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