After weeks of amusement as my friends in Iowa received winter storm after winter storm, this weekend it’s going to be our turn. Right now the forecast keeps wobbling between those two dreaded words “winter mix” and snow. Neither one is pretty, but the former brings with it ice and the potential for power outages.

The cats, us humans, and even the parrots are in pretty good shape to survive cold snaps. The lizards, however, are not.

My winter preparedness kit contains either “hot hands” hand warmers or reptile shipping heat packs. Tucking these into a sock and putting them into their habitats, or even wrapping the lizards with socks and heat packs will also help keep them warm.

I think it’s important to be prepared for severe weather and power outages. This also means making sure the bug colonies also have a way to stay warm (more hot hands). Having this information on hand before the storm hits will help save you worry and stress. It’ll also protect your bearded dragon.

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