There’s a brand new floor stand for parrots sitting in my office cabin, still in its box. When we moved here, I had grand plans of using my travel cage and taking Braynon, my pionus, out to the office cabin where he wouldn’t have to worry about cats and have him hang out with me like he used to. But alas, life and a great deal of other things happened and I still am trying to get my office cabin the way I want it. However, with my mother’s passing, I’m looking at her room and will be turning it into a combination guest bedroom/office to use when the front bedroom I’m using as an office gets too cold. (It has lovely views through a big bay window out to the woods, but those same windows get very cold in the winter and turn the room into a greenhouse in the summer.) Besides, Her Highness Queen Belle (mom’s cat) has pretty much made that bedroom her home, and if I go in there to work, then I know Belle will get more company than she has now with me working in the other room. So I can balance my time between the rooms when I work from home.

What does this mean for that stand and my pionus boy? It means that I can set up my stand in that room and Braynon will once again get to hang out on his stand while I’m working. I cannot tell you how exited I am to finish going through and rearranging “The Belle Suite” as we’re calling mom’s former room, so I can set it up. I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

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