I’m sitting here in the home office looking out my beautiful bay window to the north. Leaves are swirling down from the trees, covering the ground. One of our squirrels bounds across the yard, happy to find more acorns or hickory nuts from the tree. The horses are basking on this 60 degree day, and when I look out the front windows, I see the chickens pecking at the dirt and scratching around. They’ll get a bit of scraps later, a treat for them to share. According to the time on my computer, I’ll put the turkey in the oven in about 30 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving

The free story I’m writing in my Musimagia world that I’ll be uploading before the first of the year (are you on my newsletter?) features Sergeant, a Serama chicken, as a magical familiar. I love my bantam easter eggers, who lay the perfect itty bitty blue eggs. My full-size chickens give me a carton full of rainbow eggs, and while they’re on winter hiatus (I had to buy eggs at the store yesterday — THE HORROR!) I’m still thankful for them, too.

One of my “homestead goals” is to raise my own turkey for Thanksgiving dinner (and other dinners). I do raise extra roosters for dinner and in fact, enjoy ordering chicks from my favorite hatchery because they include “males for warmth”. That means “roosters for the crock pot” when they grow up.

Today I am thankful for the bounty of the homestead and am thankful for good food, friends and family. I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from my bird house to yours. May you have fresh eggs and your rooster not crow too early in the morning. (Seriously guys. 4 am is way too early!)

Happy eating!

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