Pito (from Hidden) may live in the rainforest and not have to deal with winter at all. However, Artemis and Kimba, my two bearded dragons (alas, they don’t talk) live in their enclosures in our home, which happens to be an older mobile home. Which means it gets chilly around the edges. Though Kimba hasn’t really burmated (a form of hibernation) in a few years, I worry about them getting enough warmth.

So in the winter, I like to offer extra greens, lots of yummy dubia roaches (I’ve never tasted them, but they think they’re yummy) and make sure the lights are on as long as possible. Usually I’ll turn them on at 7 before I go out and feed the horses, and then turn them off around 8 or 8:30.

I also keep hand warmers available in the case of power outages to keep them warm.

My beardies stay nice and toasty in their environments and we do great all winter long.


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