At the encouragement of several of my author friends, I’ve created a Patreon to allow me yet another venue to share my writing and music with you. What is Patreon? You can pledge a certain amount each month (even just $1) and I’ll provide you with never-before seen snippets of my work, stories, videos and more.

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Why is it important to support authors on venues like Patreon? Services such as Patreon provide a steady reliable income to authors. Selling books isn’t a lucrative business model. Very few writers are able to support themselves, let alone quit the “day job”. I won’t lie; I’ve had some tough times recently and it would be a big boon to me if my horses (and cats) could “support themselves” through hitting the first tier Patreon goal.

Plus, when you support my Patreon you’ll receive stuff that not even my loyal newsletter subscribers receive!  I hope you’ll check it out and tell your friends.


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