Poached Piaffe (Fox Hunt Inn Book 1)



Lindy Ascott left her high pressure job as an attorney in St. Louis to buy a horse boarding facility with a bed and breakfast. She’s been able to channel her love of cooking into a business catering to guests looking for the equestrian lifestyle. She wants more. When she’s accepted into a cooking competition on the same weekend as the big horse show, she fears she has to choose. Cooking or dressage? The kitchen or her horses?

She’s worked too hard to have to make a choice like that and with the help of her good friends, maybe she doesn’t have to. With everything on the line she’s going to have to cook for her life and let one of her good friends ride her horse. An accident changes plans at the last minute, and Lindy wonders if she really is on the right track–for both her business and her horse.

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