Down The Alley (Western Star #1.5)


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Lora and Clint go their first overnight show and rodeo since he came to live and work on her farm. Not only is she still navigating her growing feelings for him, but also she’s dealing with her divorce and the fallout from it. She hopes the show will help them both professionally and personally, but there’s a catch. Her ex-husband is at the rodeo and rumors are flying about her marriage and her new relationship with Clint. She needs to navigate the gossip, keep her head down, and run down the alley to keep winning the day money. Her farm and her dreams, not to mention future with Clint, relies on her ability to focus and to do what she does best–win!

Note: This novella takes place between Western Star 1 and 2, but can be read as a standalone story. The Western Star series is a slow burn cowboy romance series featuring a fiercely independent cowgirl who faces the ups and downs of running her own training center with the same courage she brings to her relationship with a mysterious cowboy.

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