Book Cover: Creamed Canter
Part of the Fox Hunt Inn series:

Lindy needs help at the Fox Hunt Inn. Since she won the cooking competition, her business is growing, and that's great! Problem is, it's leaving her less time to ride and that's not what she wanted. When the person she hires sets off a cascade of disasters, Lindy's left to wonder can she really find someone to help her out? Or is her business creamed?

This book takes place following Poached Piaffe, Book 1, but it can also stand alone.

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    Book Cover: Bad Luck Titan

    Keeping luck in balance comes with the territory for the Goddess of Luck. On her way back to Par Impar she senses something happening in Florida. Following her intuition, she ends up at an illegal race track and face-to-face with the Titan, Iapetus. There’s only one reason why he’s there, and it’s not for anything good.

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