I’m revamping my blog a bit to help me get into a regular habit, and one of the things I’m going to be adding is a Friday Fantasy feature. This might be a book I’ve read or something I’ve watched. Today, I’m going to lament the fact that I wasn’t aware of all these new fantasy/spec fic shows on the CW. I admit, when Arrow ended and the season finales hit, along with COVID, I admit that things got a little distracted. And yet, unlike now as Supernatural is ending (SOBS!), and they’re advertising the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger (look for my Sunday Horses blog to talk about that!), the one thing I realized is that there was no real advance promo for any of the summer/mid-season fantasy shows on the CW.

Outpost comes on after Supernatural, but both my husband and I dislike coming into a show in the middle of a season. And, sadly, with our satellite internet, we have a difficult time streaming. (It’s a get up at like 5am sort of thing), but we do have a Roku so maybe we can catch up on the CW app. There’s Pandora on Sundays, something I’ve heard really good things about, but have yet to watch. And it seems that Swamp Thing, Tell Me A Story, and a few other shows are looking interesting.

We couldn’t get into Star Girl. For me, when Pete didn’t rescue the cat, that was it for me. Sorry. But to leave a black cat in a junkyard with known bad guys, that’s a no-no in my book. Now, if Pete did rescue the cat, then someone please let me know, and I’ll try to catch up. But honestly, that turned me off a show that very much was written for a much younger demographic than I. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it did make the show harder for me to get into.

I’m afraid I never did watch The Vampire Diaries, which meant other than Alexis Denisoff (Wesley, happy sigh!), I wasn’t sure I’d get into the show and again, never started watching it either. But it seems to me that we’re missing out on a lot of great F&SF television. So tell me, what are you watching right now that’s fantasy/paranormal/science fiction?

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