Three amazing, productive days had me feeling on top of the world. This weekend and Monday were awesome. So much getting done that I’d taken care of my daily to do list and then had started in on the long to do list to catch up on before getting back to the main list. Can you tell that I’m big on my to do lists?

Yesterday afternoon I started to hit “the wall”. (Cue Pink Floyd music.) I knew it was coming, and I settled myself in for a night of self-care and not doing too much. Which kind of sucked because I finished editing a novella (the sequel to The Pegasus Project) and I wanted to play with some cover art and maybe get it formatted and uploaded for a pre-order to release later this month. This morning I woke up and nope. I could tell the wheels just weren’t turning.

Those of us with fibromyalgia know exactly what I’m talking about. One day you can take care of everything and feel like you’re finally getting your life back together. Then, all of a sudden that’s it. You’re exhausted. I was fast asleep by a little after 9 last night, a good hour to hour and a half early.

When you add to this many chronic conditions that often go hand in hand with fibro, such as anemia, IBS, or others, the fatigue can become a double whammy. So what do I do when I hit the wall?

Like last night, I rest as much as possible. When I can’t, such as during the work day, I’m glad I can change my working spot since I work from home. I go from my office to the bedroom with the laptop. This helps and is a more relaxing working environment.

I check myself. Did I take my supplements? Am I drinking water? Have I eaten something healthy, not just grabbed a snack? And I’m gentle with myself. I understand this is part of my body’s ebb and flow. It’s okay if those to do lists take a bit longer. It’s okay if I don’t do EVERYTHING. It will get done. It’s all good.

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