As much as I hate to say it for my friends and family north of me, yesterday was a glorious day. A bit breezy, high of around 60-65. A lovely day to be outside and soak up the sunshine. So, when I walked back from the mailbox and saw Holly resting in the pasture (after reminding myself that a calmly chilling horse on the ground is just fine, thank you very much anxiety, but you’re not needed), I decided to go in and spend some time with my horses.

Everyone is muddy. Horribly muddy due to the non-stop rain we’ve had. (Hey, it could be snow.) So I did some brushing and some finger currying. I went to Holly who stood when I approached. And we began our usual dance. I’d walk to her slowly, talking to her, telling her that all I wanted was to love on her. She’d start to walk away. I’d walk with her until she stopped. Then I’d reach out to brush her shoulder with my fingers. She’d start walking. I’d walk with her keeping a connection until she stopped.

We did this for maybe five or ten minutes. Then she stopped and began to nibble on the new green grass. So I stood there, finger combing her coat, which is now shedding, not to mention muddy from being in the rain the previous evening. And then, I thanked her, and walked away.

It’s been well over a year since Holly has been here. In a way we’re the same. We’ve both been hurt by life and people and don’t trust very easily. So on these lovely days, especially when she’s away from the other horses because they are all OMG PEOPLE MUST LOVE ON ME and Holly chooses to stay away from that scene, I go out and walk with her and talk to her and once again prove that people aren’t all bad. That they’re not horrible, and that sometimes all we want is a little company.

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