Getting back into the swing of things here with the blog, and today is Lizard Tuesday! I wanted to take a few moments and talk about my bearded dragons. Pito, in Hidden, isn’t shy about telling his owner what’s what. And really, our dragons are like that.

One of the things our dragons do is the “stink eye”. This is the side eye gaze that tells you they’re thinking you did something wrong. Maybe they got too few bugs or didn’t get enough carrots in their salad. Maybe it’s because you’re late with lunch (the reason why my guys usually do this). Either way, they will give you “the look” and you’ll know you’ve been a bad beardie mommy.

Or they will “glass surf” when they stand on their hind legs and scratch their front feet on the glass. That’s because they want out or they just want attention.

The truth is, even though you may think they’re “just a lizard”, bearded dragons have quite a bit of personality.

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