We had a pretty decent snowstorm yesterday, with almost 3-4″ of snow, and while today has dawned sunny, it’s also cool. I went out to make sure the poultry had fresh water (I’d been thawing my little “tv chickens”‘ waterer in the house) and I saw Fortune and Firefly sitting “chilling” in the run-in shed where the sun beamed in and they could soak up the rays like two fat, fluffy kitties.

Though I don’t do it so much now that she’s a senior (20 in August), I used to go out and sit on Fortune, calling her my big horse couch. She thought it was strange, but tolerated it. After all, it meant she got love and lots of talking to. So today, I hugged her and kissed the top of her head between her two horsey ears, and I looked at Firefly.

Firefly is five. She can lead, but I’ll be honest, life interfered HARD and I haven’t done half the ground work that I wanted to have done by this time. Then again, Fortune was pretty much a big puppy dog until that age when I finally taught her how to be a horse, so perhaps it’s all good. I petted and loved on Firefly and when she didn’t move and seemed to relish the attention, well, I did it. I sat on her.

She looked at me like “what are you doing?” and Fortune nickered and made “are you okay?” noises. (Thanks girl. I know I’m fat. LOL!) Meanwhile I fussed all over my Firefly, telling her just how good a girl she is, and how thankful I was and how wonderful it felt to be there. Then I stood up, loved on her head some more, kissed her between her horse ears, and because I was getting gold, gave my girl Fortune a big hug, then ducked out of the run-in shed and went back to the house.

Firefly chilled a bit more and by the time I’d taken the ice pick to the water trough to keep it open, she was up and eating hay like nothing had happened. The perfect horsey encounter for a snowy winter’s day.

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