Go Bugs Go (Lizard Tuesday)

Go Bugs Go (Lizard Tuesday)

My husband I were talking about our wedding anniversary, which comes up next month, and he said he wasn’t sure what to get me. I smiled and indicated that I was looking at some death head roaches on ebay to start a colony to give some variety to my bearded...

Gardening for the Lizards

I’ve been trying to grow collard greens for my bearded dragons. First I planted them inside, where since they don’t make noise, I promptly forgot to water the sprouts. Alas…. they fell over and died. Outside, I specifically have an old tire that I...

Indoor Lizard Garden Update

Previously I’d blogged about wanting to grow greens inside for my bearded dragons. Well, finally about three weeks ago, I got those kitty litter buckets setup and I planted one with collard greens and one with arugula. I have a “window ledge” in our...

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